Curricular Design

SCIT was founded by a team of educators whose primary goal has been to pioneer effective, application focused educational methods. Our focus is on how instruction is delivered. The program curricula we design are based on certain foundations which we believe when implemented correctly and in unison, provide for a rich and effective educational experience.

Accumulative Buildup

Each programs course sequence is designed to facilitate a buildup of knowledge. The first course sets aim to teach entry level skills to increase a students’ employability early in the program. As students’ progress, the knowledge and skills accumulated allow them to apply their studies to real world applications. Our courses are comprised of numerous prerequisites so that students taking higher level courses have a sufficient buildup of knowledge to pragmatically apply their skills in project based coursework.

Focused & Accelerated

Short programs are only 8 months and degree programs usually take less than 3 years to complete. Common topic courses are grouped together as modules and accelerated so that students can focus on a primary topic at various stages of their studies in order to reduce the mental juggle of multiple, simultaneous topics. In order to achieve this, we have developed a unique scheduling system whereby we control a students' schedule so that one, they enroll in the appropriate course sequences and two, they finish on time.

Industry Relevant & Dense

Our programs are designed for career focused individuals. We reduced the number of general education courses as much as we possibly could and infused more applicable and relevant material. Program advisory committees made up of industry leaders regularly make recommendations regarding curriculum, learning resources and program enrichment. In addition, due to the depth of material our courses are able to cover as a result of our accumulative curricular design, the substance of the material covered in higher level courses provide students with a deeper understanding of the underlying course concepts.

Hands-On & Project Based

Many of the course topics are reinforced with lab work students perform in our instructional lab facilities. A significant portion of the program is delivered through project based coursework in order to provide an equal balance between lecture and lab courses. Our labs contain a variety of real world equipment to inspire creativity and ingenuity toward building projects that mimic industry practice.