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International Student Tuition and Costs

The tuition charged for international students is the same as that charged for domestic students. The tuition charge is based on $320/Unit and textbooks/materials are included in the total program cost. Program costs can be found here. Note that only the Bachelors Degree (BS) programs are offered to international students. All costs are listed in US Dollars.

Estimated Expenses for One Academic Year

Below is the estimated educational expense for ne (1) academic year of study at SCIT. One academic year of study is 30 weeks of instruction. Please note that if you choose the study at an accelerated pace (year-round with no breaks), then the estimated educational expense will be more than the amount listed below.

Tuition & Fees (1 Academic Year) $16,000 (USD)
Housing & Living Costs $16,000 (USD)
Total Estimated Expense (1 Year) $32,000 (USD)

When completing the International Student Application, you will need to provide proof that you have sufficient finances available to fund your education. Your financing sources may come from your personal accounts and/or from sponsors who will help fund your education. Sponsors can include family members, employers, organizations, government agencies, etc. If you need sponsors to financially support your education, you may list one or multiple sponsors in the International Student Application.