SCIT Computer Networking Lab

Computer Networking Lab

The Computer Networking Lab (netLab) is a virtual cluster of multiple networking devices, including servers, clients, routers, switch and firewalls. The servers and network devices are Microsoft and Cisco based respectively. Students train to install, administer and configure clients, server and the network devices that connect them to build network infrastructures for a variety of business needs, from small business to large enterprises.

Lab Objective

The labs objective is to familiarize students with many of the standard networking tools, devices, software and operating systems used to build modern day network infrastructures. The lab trains students to configure and administer the Microsoft Server operating system family, which is widely used in many businesses. Basic concepts such as active directory, network services, and group policies are implemented in addition to more complex configurations such as failover clustering and OS/Application virtualization. In addition, students learn to install and configure Cisco based routers and switches to properly configure the network devices that interconnect servers and clients. Lab projects are tied closely to materials in Microsoft’s server certification and Cisco CCNA examinations. The goal of the lab projects is for student to analyze the needs of a company and build the appropriate network infrastructure to meet those needs.

Microsoft is a trademark or registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

Cisco is a trademark or registered trademark of Cisco Systemes, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries

Implement Microsoft and Cisco based Network Infrastructures

Lab Perks

Below are some perks the Computer Networking Lab provides for students:

Access Your Own Virtual Server From Home

Virtual servers are set up for each student enrolled in the Microsoft Server courses. Students can access their own virtual server in the classroom or from home to work on projects and prepare for IT certifications.

Obtain Free Microsoft Software

As a Microsoft Imagine Academy Program Member, SCIT students enrolled in Microsoft based courses may obtain free authorized Microsoft software to install on their home computer for education use. Software available include: Microsoft Server 2012, Windows 7/8 Professional, Visual Studio 2012, and SQL Server 2012.