Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

Updated 9/17/2021

To All SCIT Students:

SCIT is closely monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and is taking precautionary steps to keep the school environment safe for all students, staff and faculty. In light of the situation and in an effort to keep our community safe, the school transitioned all courses to an online learning environment. If you have questions about your class schedule or are unable to attend school, please contact the Student Services Office by emailing Please take note of the following guidance during this time:

  • The school’s administration will continue to operate, but at a limited, essential capacity. The hours of the administration are now from 9am to 6pm, Mondays through Fridays, until further notice. School Office Directory and Contact Info.
  • If possible, please communicate with school offices via phone, email or text rather than scheduling in-person meetings. The school will be limiting in-person appointments with students throughout this time.
  • The school is developing transition plans for a gradual availability of limited in-person instruction as restrictions ease. Please read more about the school’s Transition Plan below. The school’s Transition Plan may be updated periodically as necessitated by current conditions.
  • Students and visitors are required to follow the Student Rules for Entry at all times while in the school.

Thank you for your patience during this situation. Please be safe and heed the direction of health officials to the best of your abilities throughout these challenging times.

SCIT Administration

Stay Informed

The Coronavirus situation is an evolving situation and the school will continue to monitor it closely. Any new update will be posted to this webpage as needed and students will be notified via email of any new updates. Please make sure to check your email regularly. The following are official sources to stay up to date on COVID-19:

Accessing Online Courses

Students will need access to a computer connected to the internet to access online course material. Guidance and direction for students to access online course material will be provided by instructors, as they may vary from course to course. Students who have limited access to a computer connected to the internet should contact the Student Services Office by emailing or calling (714) 300-0300.

View Online Course FAQ & Resources Site

Material Lending & Pickup

Materials for all courses are normally distributed during the first week of the term. Some lab based courses may lend students trainers or other materials to work on lab projects at home. Materials that are lent to students must be returned during the final week of the term (normally by Wednesday of the last week). The Student Services Office will notify students the designated days materials are ready to be picked up by making an announcement to each respective class. Students may pick up material from the school on designated days by entering in the front lobby of the building and following the posted directions. Face masks are required to enter the building. Any student who does not have a mask will be asked to wait outside. Students who are feeling ill or are symptomatic (e.g. fever or chills, cough, shortness of breath, fatigue, headaches, body aches, loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, etc.) should not enter the building and should instead arrange with the Student Services Office for curbside pickup of material (including textbooks).

Transition Plan

SCIT’s Transition Plan includes a phased availability of limited courses to be offered in a Hybrid model. The timeframe of the transition plan, which we are referring to as the Transition Period, may be modified depending on the situation and is likely to extend until such a time when the public health authorities move to end the emergency restrictions resulting from the COVID situation. In a Hybrid model, instructors will instruct in-person on select days in a school classroom while simultaneously broadcasting the class session online beginning on the second week. Students will have the option to attend the in-person session if they sign up or may continue to participate in the course by joining the virtual class, which would be a live stream of the class session. The following is a summary of the plan:

  • The courses that are selected to be offered in a Hybrid model will have limits on the number of students who will be able to attend in-person in order to limit the number of students at the school at any one time. The school's goal is to provide an opportunity for all students interested in attending available in-person class sessions to be able to attend an in-person session. To increase the classroom capacity, more seats may be reserved for those vaccinated against COVID-19.
  • The courses that are selected to be offered in a Hybrid model will primarily be those that include lab components. Many courses may continue to remain online during the Transition Period so as to limit the number of students at the school at any one time.
  • All courses during the Transition Period may continue to be taken fully online, including those courses that are offered in a Hybrid model. Students will not be required to attend any in-person class session during the Transition Period and may continue to complete all course requirements online.
  • Students will be notified if enrolled in a course that is offered in a Hybrid model. The notification will include instructions on how to sign up to attend in-person class sessions for those enrolled in such courses. Students who sign up to attend in-person but subsequently do not show may receive less priority for being able to attend future in-person sessions.
  • All students who sign up to attend in-person class sessions must follow the Student Rules for Entry. Throughout the Transition Period the school may require students who sign up to attend in-person class sessions to complete regular COVID-19 testing (testing to be provided by the school and free of charge to students). Further information and updates on requirements to participate in in-person class sessions throughout the Transition Period will be posted to the Student Rules for Entry site. The school may announce additional requirements over time.
  • Although the school is taking great effort to keep the campus area safe from COVID, students who choose to attend an in-person session acknowledge that there may be an increased risk of exposure to the virus. If there is any evidence of infection in a classroom, the school may halt in-person instruction for the select class(es) and transition to a fully-online environment for a period of time to prevent the spread of the virus. In such an event, students will be notified immediately by the school.

The school may modify the transition plan at any time depending on the circumstances, including suspending all in-person sessions if necessary. Updates to the school’s transition plans will be posted on this site and students will be notified via email as necessary. Questions regarding the Transition Plan may be directed to the Student Services Office by emailing

View Student Rules for Entry

Transition Plan FAQ's

How will I know if my class is a Hybrid course?

There will be an announcement posted to your Google Classroom by the Student Services Office before the start of the class. Please make sure to sign into your Google Classroom once you receive your schedule email and monitor it for any announcements.

How do I sign up to attend in-person for a Hybrid course?

Included in the announcement to your Google Classroom there will be a link to a Google Form that will allow you to sign up to attend in-person. Complete and submit that form if you would like to sign up to attend in-person sessions by the deadline stated in the announcement. In-person sessions for Hybrid courses begin on the second week of the term. The Student Services Office will notify you via email if you have been registered to attend in-person.

Please Note: Seats for in-person sessions may be limited in order for the school to maintain capacity restrictions. Registration is based on a first-come, first-serve basis with more seats being reserved for students vaccinated against COVID-19 and priority being given to those who have good attendance records for prior enrolled in-person courses.

What happens if I sign up to attend in-person for a Hybrid course but attend some of the days online rather than attending in-person?

Students may attend online even if they have signed up to attend in-person for a Hybrid course. Although there is no penalty for you to attend online after signing up for in-person sessions in a Hybrid Course, you may receive less priority for being able to attend in-person sessions for future courses. Please keep in mind that the faculty and school need to dedicate time and resources in preparation for students attending in-person and it would be increasingly difficult if students alter between the two modalities.

Will I still receive a trainer if I sign up to attend in-person for a Hybrid course?

Yes, if your course is issued trainers.

Do I need to be vaccinated to attend in-person for a Hybrid course?

Not at this time. However, you may be required to regularly take a COVID test to attend in-person. The school may require vaccination at a future time when the FDA grants official approval for at least one of the COVID-19 vaccines authorized under emergency use. More details about COVID-19 testing requirements are available in the Student Rules for Entry page.

Can I continue to take courses online only?

Yes. Students are not required to attend in-person sessions for a Hybrid course.

What procedures do I need to follow to attend and where do I park?

Details about how to enter the school for in-person sessions of Hybrid courses can be found in the Student Rules for Entry page. Students will need to park in the student parking lot, walk around the school building and enter in through the front entrance where they will check in with the front desk. All students must check in with the front desk prior to going to their class.


As COVID-19 restrictions ease, SCIT is beginning to offer in-person hands-on workshops by invite-only to students who graduated from select programs during the COVID-19 situation. These workshops are free of charge and will allow graduates to gain more hands-on experience under the supervision of the school’s faculty. Workshops are offered periodically and announced to groups of graduates as they become available. More information can be found on the Workshops page.

HEERF Grants

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act established the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF) to provide emergency financial aid grants (HEERF Grants) to eligible students impacted by the COVID-19 situation. The Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2021 (CRRSAA) authorizes additional emergency financial aid grants to be added to the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF II). SCIT is participating in these programs to provide financial relief to eligible students who were unexpectedly transitioned to online instruction and who may have experienced other financial hardships resulting from the COVID-19 situation. SCIT students who are eligible and qualify to receive an HEERF grant, which is money that does not need to be paid back, will receive the grant in the form of a check (or multiple checks) mailed to the student directly. Please visit the CARES Act, CRRSAA - HEERF Grant Information Site for more details about the method and manner by which HEERF Grants are awarded to students, including statistics about the awarded amounts.

The latest round of applications for the HEERF grant closed on September 17, 2021. Future rounds to apply for the HEERF grants will be announced to students via email sent to student email addresses.