CARES Act – HEERF Grant Information Site

Updated 9/28/2020

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act established the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF) to provide emergency financial aid grants (HEERF Grants) to eligible students impacted by the COVID-19 situation. SCIT is participating in this program to provide financial relief to eligible students who were unexpectedly transitioned to online instruction and who may have experienced other financial hardships resulting from the COVID-19 situation.

Our institution signed and return to the Department of Education the Certification and Agreement to receive funds under Section 18004(a)(1) of the CARES Act to provide Emergency Financial Aid Grants to students. Our institution intends to use at least 50 percent of the said funds to provide Emergency Financial Aid Grants to students. The total amount of the said funds the institution will receive for Emergency Financial Aid Grants to students is $767,701. The total number of students the institution estimates will participate in this program is around 750 students after all the said funds have been distributed.

How HEERF Grants will be Distributed

HEERF Grants will be allocated and distributed to students in multiple rounds throughout the year. Rounds have set start and end dates. All current students during the start and end dates of any given round are encouraged to apply to receive HEERF Grants. Each round lasts about 2 months and do not overlap one another. Only students who apply and meet the following eligibility criteria are eligible to receive HEERF Grants. The eligibility criteria to receive HEERF Grants are:

  • You must be considered an enrolled students as of the date you submit your application and must have begun your program of study within or before the respective rounds date range.
  • You must be enrolled in a program.
  • You must be eligible to participate in federal student financial aid programs. Please note, you are not required to receive any federal student financial aid, you simply need to be eligible to participate.
  • Students who have been withdrawn from the school are not eligible to apply after their withdrawal.
  • Students on an approved leave of absence may apply for an HEERF Grant during the start and end dates of their leave so as long as they have not withdrawn from the school.
  • Students who apply during the time they considered not in attendance (i.e. those who did not attend during the first week of courses or who did not complete any of their courses by receiving an “incomplete” grade in all of them) must submit an appeal and be approved to continue their studies in order to be eligible to apply for an HEERF Grant.

Students may apply in multiple rounds. If a student applies during a round and meets the eligibility criteria above, then there are up to two types of HEERF Grant distributions that s/he may qualify to receive during the round. The two types of HEERF Grant distributions are as follows: (1) One-time Distribution, and (2) Hardship Distribution. Each type of distribution is described below. While students may apply for HEERF Grants in multiple rounds and receive multiple distributions, in no circumstance may a student receive more than $6195 in total HEERF Grant distributions throughout the time of this program. Students who are eligible and qualify to receive an HEERF Grant will receive the grant in the form of a check (or multiple checks) that are mailed to the student’s address on record directly.

One-time Distribution

One-time distributions are HEERF Grants that are awarded to eligible students who attempt any course during the start and end dates of the applied round and who have not received a one-time distribution in previous rounds. The total amount of one-time distributions is $500.

Hardship Distribution

Hardship distributions are HEERF Grants that are awarded to eligible students of the applied round where the amount of the HEERF Grant awarded is calculated following a point-based system. The Financial Aid Office determines the total amount of HEERF Grant funds to be allocated for hardship distributions for any given round and after all applications are received, the total amount of points are determined for all applications and HEERF Grants are then distributed to each students proportionate to the points allotted in their application. The total amount of hardship distributions vary depending on the total amount of HEERF Grant funds the Financial Aid Office allocates to each round and how many points are determined based on all the applications received.

How to Apply

Students must apply via an online application in order to be considered for receiving an HEERF grant. The link to the online application is posted on the Coronavirus webpage and is also accessible below under “Current Round” for any round that is active. Students are notified when a round opens by email to their school email accounts and announcements on the Coronavirus webpage. Please note, the application is only accessible when logged in with your school email account (i.e. your email address). If you have any questions about the application process or about HEERF Grants in general, please contact the Financial Aid Office by emailing

Current Round

The current round’s start date was on September 28, 2020 and will end on October 30, 2020. Please click on the application link below to apply for an HEERF Grant for this round.

CARES Act - HEERF Grant Application

HEERF Grant Distribution Statistics

The total students who have applied and received HEERF Grants up to the date this site was last updated was 362 students. Statistics for previous completed rounds are listed below.

Round 1 Statistics

  • Round Start Date (Application Available): 5/26/2020
  • Rounds End Date (Application Deadline): 6/22/2020
  • Total Number of Students Who Received HEERF Grants: 291
  • Total Amount of HEERF Grants Awarded: $394,900

Round 2 Statistics

  • Round Start Date (Application Available): 7/20/2020
  • Rounds End Date (Application Deadline): 8/21/2020
  • Total Number of Students Who Received HEERF Grants: 278
  • Total Amount of HEERF Grants Awarded: $150,550