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Net Price Calculator

Disclaimer - Please read before proceeding.

The Net Price Calculator (NPC) is intended to help prospective students and their families estimate the "net price" for attending SCIT. It is intended to provide information regarding college cost after federal financial aid is taken into consideration. By clicking below, you acknowledge that:

  • This calculator provides a rough estimate of financial aid a prospective student may obtain and is NOT a financial aid packaging tool. It is NOT intended to calculate an individual's exact financial aid award and/or exact cost of attending college after receiving federal financial aid, if eligible.
  • Not all students will qualify for all of the aid that the calculator indicates may be available.
  • The calculator should not be used as a primary means of selecting a school.
  • The calculator is not designed to replace the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
  • The NPC data is derived from first-time freshmen students who are enrolled full-time.
  • The NPC data does NOT take into consideration awards that are not offered to students at time of initial awarding, such as the work-study program.

The NPC is meant to provide ONLY AN ESTIMATE of financial aid packaging a prospective student may receive, if eligible. Your individual aid package could be significantly different from that indicated on the NPC calculator depending on the information you report on the FAFSA.

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