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Biomedical Technology Diploma Program

The Biomedical Technology Diploma is an intensive, 8 month career targeted program that trains students to troubleshoot and repair electronics based biomedical instruments. Courses build from fundamental electronics and human anatomy to advanced troubleshooting concepts for biomedical instrumentation, focusing on hospital based medical devices. A substantial portion of the program includes hands on learning where students have the opportunity to calibrate and troubleshoot commonly used biomedical devices in SCIT's Biomedical Instrumentations Lab.

B.S. Biomedical Engineering Degree Program

The Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering Degree extends many of the concepts covered in the Biomedical Technology program to include more breadth in the rapidly advancing Biomedical Engineering field. Students can continue their studies from the Biomedical Technology Diploma program to study more in depth topics in the biomedical field such as: medical instrumentation design, digital signal processing of electrochemical signals, bio-imaging, bio-mechanics and many more topics. The program aims to balance theory and practice by including many lab based courses where students cement lecture topics by working on extensive hands-on projects in many of SCIT's instructional labs.

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Labs & Hands-On Work

Biomedical Instrumentations Lab

SCIT's Biomedical Instrumentations Lab includes medical devices commonly used in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Students study and troubleshoot electronics based medical equipments to apply concepts learned from lecture. Many biomedical devices were donated generously by Long Beach Memorial Medical Center and other medical centers located around Southern California.

  • Simulated Clinical Environment
  • Many Hospital-Grade, Electronics Based Biomedical Instruments
  • Various Biomedical Instrumentation Testing Devices

Biomedical Careers

Biomedical equipment technicians (BMET) analyze, troubleshoot and solve problems relating to the operation of biomedical instruments found in a variety of industries, including: hospitals, research centers, homes, intensive care units, and clinics. The BMET field is rapidly growing and becoming competitive. Therefore, it is highly recommended for anyone entering the field to obtain a certification as a biomedical equipment technician (CBET) to have a competitive edge. SCIT’s biomedical program curriculums have been designed based in part on the materials covered in the CBET examination. Below are some statistics about the evolving BMET field in California.

Distribution of Emmployment in California's Biomedical Industry Sector*

County Percent
Bay Area 19.4%
Los Angeles County 16.4%
Orange County 10.4%
San Diego County 9.0%
Ventura & Santa Barbara County 3.6%
Riverside & San Bernardino County 2.4%
Sacramento County 1.1%

*Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages and Company Specific SEC Filings. Note: Regional numbers do not add up to the total because of changes made at the Bureau to avoid identification through number reported.