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Associate of Science Industrial Engineering Technology (A.S.I.E.T.) Degree

The goal of the Associate of Science Industrial Engineering Technology (A.S.I.E.T.) program is to produce well-rounded engineering technologists or technicians prepared for entry-level careers in industrial engineering or related disciplines. The program educates in the utilization and application of fundamentals of engineering, math and science to create innovative solutions to industrial challenges and needs.

The A.S.I.E.T. program is challenging, developed for career driven individuals, and scheduled with flexibility in mind. Highlights include:

  • ACCELERATED The program can be completed between one to two years. How? Courses are scheduled to be continuous with no summer breaks.
  • EVENING CLASSES Classes generally begin after 5pm to allow students to attend to other responsibilities throughout the daytime.
  • FRONT LOADED TECHNICAL COURSES Course schedule sequences are designed for students to first complete primarily technical courses, not general eds, so that they can pursue entry level employment in technical fields to gain experience while pursuing their degree.

Request more information to learn more about the A.S.I.E.T. program at SCIT. Applicants are welcome to visit our campus and tour the various lab facilities to learn if the program fits both their academic and career goals.

Program Objectives

The A.S.I.E. program is s career focused program that primarily aims to provide graduates with the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue entry level employment in industrial engineering technologist or technician related fields. Additional goals of the program include educating students how to collaborate with others and efficiently function as team members, and effectively adapt to the changing demands of the workplace and perform increasingly complex tasks.

Learn more about the career objectives and learning outcomes of the program.

  • Career Focused
  • Industry Relevant
  • Experienced Faculty