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IT Certifications and Careers

Microsoft and Cisco Certifications

Obtaining IT certifications from highly regarded companies such as Microsoft and Cisco can help boost the resume for those just entering the networking field. Courses include topics from various certifications such as Microsoft MCSA certification and Cisco CCNA certification, however, to enrich the networking experience, our program adds non-certification subjects to expose students to additional real-world IT solutions and emerging technologies. Students need to pass exam(s) in order to obtain Microsoft certifications and Cisco certifications. These exams are administered outside of SCIT.

Careers in IT

IT careers involve significant problem solving and troubleshooting skills, which creates excellent opportunities for those with analytical abilities. Due to IT being an integral part of many modern businesses, the demand for IT professionals is likely to increase as investment in network infrastructures increase. For example, significant investment is being placed in the healthcare industry to digitize patients' medical records which requires significant investments in IT. Examples of IT careers include server administrators, network administrators, and help desk support.