SCIT College Seal

Mission Statement

Our Mission: To create a focused, hands-on integrated learning experience that teaches industry relevant skills, fosters ingenuity, develops critical thinking, and has a transformative impact on students seeking personal and professional success.

Vision & Purpose

SCIT was founded to deliver effective, quality education focusing on application of technology in order to support our community and advance the public interest. We afford the opportunity for students to apply their knowledge through hands-on instruction, thus reinforcing their learning and promoting a mindset of intellectual curiosity. Our learning atmosphere is one that fosters ingenuity and develops valuable skills applicable to technical fields. Dedicated and capable faculty support the educational attainment of students through individual encouragement, attention and effective teaching techniques. We value an academic culture that encourages lifelong learning and supports diversity, thus enriching the learning environment and preparing our students to succeed as industry and community leaders. We offer curricula that are current with trends and technological advancements to support students seeking the foundation required to build a career in their chosen field.

Diversity Statement

SCIT is committed to creating a diverse community that is inclusive, responsive and supportive of each and all of its students, faculty and staff. The institute seeks to promote diversity in its many forms, including, but not limited to, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation, place of origin and socioeconomic status. The institute recognizes that students benefit from a learning atmosphere that is inclusive of participants from all manner of backgrounds, and encourages students to maintain diverse perspectives throughout their lives and strive to be responsible members of our community grounded on shared principles of fairness and respect toward one another