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Career Focused Education

Enroll in career targeting programs delivered through a combination of live lectures, videos and hands-online™ instruction with trainers.
Convenient, Rigorous, Industry Relevant.

With Trainers

We design and build thousands of exclusive, patent-pending trainers to deliver a hands-on learning experience for those preferring to study online.


How It Works

SCIT ships you different custom designed trainers at the start of lab courses*. Work with the trainers to complete projects at home with guidance from faculty. Return when class is complete.

Step 1 Receive Trainer

1. Receive Trainer

Materials and trainers are shipped to your home. Including books.

Step 2 Complete Labs with Trainer

2. Complete Labs with Trainer

Complete lab projects on trainers with live guidance from faculty.

Step 3 Return Trainer

3. Return Trainer

Return trainers with prepaid shipping when class is complete. Keep books.

*Trainers are provided for select courses. Students may not receive trainers if scheduled in courses that do not include trainers.

Programs Offered Online

Most SCIT programs have an online-only option (see list). Due to the availability of trainers, there are limited seats available. Currently, online-only programs are only available to California residents.

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Live Lectures
& Videos

Online courses delivered through a combination of live lectures from SCIT’s faculty and videos you can watch at any time. Small class sizes allowing for you to receive individualized attention and guidance to complete course and lab objectives

Explore SCIT's

Our patent-pending trainers are designed and built at SCIT specifically for our courses. Work on lab projects in the convenience of your homes at times that meet your schedule. Topics that our trainers help you learn hands-on include:

  • Digital Electronics

  • Semiconductor Electronics

  • Electric Motors

  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)

  • Electrical Wiring

  • Embedded Systems

  • FPGA's