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With a small college environment and dedicated team, SCIT’s Student Services and Career Services Offices support and partner with you starting day 1blue underscore to succeed both academically and professionally.

Academic Support

Don't Navigate College Alone

The Student Services Office teams with faculty to offer a range of services aimed at keeping students on track to graduate. They are the first place students go to for any questions related to school policies and can help students plan as they oftentimes juggle personal responsibilities alongside schoolwork. Some of the services offered include:

Regular academic monitoring to prevent falling behind

Tutoring and learning resources if falling behind

Personal and academic guidance to navigate student life

Career pathway

A Conducive Learning Environment

Learning environment
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Career Support

Coaching and Connections to Employers

Students work directly with a career services advisors to prepare and pursue careers in their chosen fields. SCIT has developed employer relationships for decades so that graduates can better connect to and discover the employment opportunities available. Some of the services offered include:

Job leads from our network of employers

Career workshops & guidance from experienced advisors

Resume assistance and interview coaching

Career fairs to connect with multiple employers

Our Programs

Begin by completing a diploma, seek an entry-level position while continuing your studies in evenings to earn a degree. At the end, you would have earned a diploma, a degree, and gained work experience to open further career opportunities. Students also have options to enroll only in diplomas or degrees to complete even sooner.

Fully Online Options

8 Month Diplomas