Careers & Employment Opportunities

SCIT offers a wide range of employment opportunities for those looking to build careers in higher education. SCIT is a small, private, degree-granting institution of higher education that is privately owned and operated. We do not have public shareholders and our accountability is first and foremost to our students and graduates. The schools programs focus exclusively on the technical, engineering and business disciplines. The school was founded by educators and will always strive to deliver quality education to our community. Learn more about our Accreditation/Approvals and Mission.

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How to Apply

All open positions are listed above under 'Open Positions.' You may click on any position to view its job description. If you would like to apply for any position, please

  1. Click on the position title and review the positions job description
  2. After reviewing the job description, if you are interested in applying for the position and meet all of its requirements, click on the 'Apply for this job' link below the job description
  3. Complete the online application and click 'Submit your application' when completed. Part of the online application requires that you upload your resume so please have your resume file ready to upload.

Our HR department will review your application and be in touch with you if you meet all the qualifications and the position has not yet been filled.

Our Culture

SCITs corporate culture is a mix between small and medium business cultures. Our institution is very young relative to other colleges and universities but we have to meet or exceed the same standards that many other accredited institutions need to follow. We have been rapidly expanding for the last 25+ years and are continuing that growth with the hard work and effort from our dedicated staff and faculty, which total around 50-60 employees. Since we try to maintain a small business atmosphere, the work that staff and faculty perform is difficult but rewarding. A job description in this atmosphere is simply a blueprint that can change over time. Those who do well in our business culture have independent drive, creativity, and are not afraid to take risks by pursuing new avenues to accomplish goals, which they are capable of setting themselves.

Why Work At SCIT

Some of the top reasons why SCIT offers an attractive environment not only to work but to build a career:

  • We are stable. Our institution has been operating for the last 25+ years and has established itself in the community.
  • We have a great team. Our team is made of dedicated, hard-working and friendly individuals who possess a wide range of experience and knowledge in the higher education field.
  • We provide an opportunity and environment to build a career. Our schools organization is relatively small and managerially flat, and we intend to keep it that way. There is very little in the way of bureaucratic red tape or corporate hierarchy preventing those who have the drive, capability and work ethic to reach the top.
  • Key Benefits: Paid holiday and vacation times, health insurance (PPO or HMO, dental included), profit sharing plan (pension).

Who We Look For

The main qualities we look for in a candidate include: internal drive, initiator, career oriented (not just looking for a job), quick learner, self-learner, ambitious, and possess a solid work ethic (we do not like to babysit).

Equal Opportunity Employment

SCIT is an equal opportunity employer. The school provides an environment with dignity, integrity and fairness. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, national origin, age, ancestry, religious creed, gender, marital status, veteran status, disability, citizenship, sexual orientation, non-job-related handicaps or impairments, or any other considerations that are unlawful.