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Welcome prospective staff and faculty members! SCIT offers a wide range of employment opportunities for those seeking to build rewarding careers in higher education. SCIT is a private degree-granting institution of higher education that focuses exclusively on the trade and engineering disciplines with an emphasis on hands-on instruction. The school was founded by educators and strives to deliver quality technical education that has a transformative impact on our students.

Learn more about SCIT by viewing our Mission and Approach.

Our Culture

SCIT is an established, vibrant and growing college with a bold vision of being a leader in producing technical talent. Delivering quality education for over 35 years, SCIT is a relatively young college with a work environment that demands teamwork, integrity, and dedication in the pursuit of empowering our students to succeed. With around 60 full-time and part-time staff and faculty, our organizational structure leans horizontally and offers the opportunity for those who are driven with the right matching talents to build successful and rewarding careers.

Who We Look For

We look for those who have the talent and drive to push our college toward achieving its mission. The qualities we find that can do this best are:

  • Driven & Ambitious
  • Self-Starter
  • Quick Learner
  • Team Player
  • Possesses Integrity and a Strong Work Ethic

Open Positions

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