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Transfer Credit

Transferring Credit to SCIT from other Educational Institutions

Transferring credit from accredited institutions or colleges to SCIT is evaluated on a case by case basis. If you have credit from courses completed at any other accredited institution, your official transcripts must be mailed directly to the SCIT Admissions Office from that institution prior to the start of the program. Allow a minimum of two weeks for credit transfer evaluation. Depending on whether the transfer units and courses taken are recent, sufficiently thorough, relevant, and can be demonstrated as satisfactorily proficient, appropriate credit may be allowed. Under such conditions, the program length may change and the fees will be adjusted accordingly. Transfer credits may or may not apply to upper level courses. Students must earn at least 50% of the credits needed to graduate at SCIT.

Experiential Learning Credit

Prospective students who believe they have significant real world experience related to a course within their selected program may seek to gain experiential learning credit for the course. Experience related to your field of study, which you wish to obtain experiential learning credit for, must be equivalent to courses offered by SCIT, and will be judged entirely on documentation showing that the experiential learning meets:

  1. The objectives of the course; is
  2. Equivalent in length and is;
  3. Completely and adequately documented

If you would like more information regarding experiential learning credit, please contact the Admissions Department.