Robotics & Automation Lab

The Robotics & Automation Lab is an arrangement of numerous robotic arms and industrial devices such as conveyor belts and sensors. The lab environment simulates small manufacturing lines by requiring the use of multiple electromechanical inputs to invoke a controlled sequence of outputs. The lab focuses on interfacing robotic systems with computers and PLC units so that they produce a specific motion based on inputs received from different types of sensors.

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Lab Objective

The lab has 2 objectives. First, familiarize students with interfacing robotic systems with computers and programming them with specific, controlled motions. Second, familiarize students with managing the control flow of inputs from various sensors to guide the automated movement of robotic systems and other industrial devices to produce a certain sequence of mechanical events. Manufacturing systems are generally composed of a sequence of mechanical events that are controlled by robotic and industrial devices which are triggered by computer programs reacting to specific inputs. They are used all over the place. Many products in the market, including items such as cars and sodas are a result of a manufacturing process whereby robots and industrial devices are used to construct or assemble the product. Students are introduced to the various robotic systems, computers, sensors and industrial devices involved in the manufacturing process and learn to interface those devices together in order to control a sequence of specific mechanical events.

Robotic arms in a manufacturing plant assembling a product