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Electrician Careers

The electrician field job growth is expected to be higher than average due to increasing population and economic growth leading to more construction. Technological innovations will also spur growth in the electrician sector as a result of the need to provide power to computers and other electronic systems. Many jobs will be created in the coming years as new electricians will be needed to fill the void left by retiring electricians.

Residential Electricians

Residential electricians install and troubleshoot electrical components such as outlets, switches, panels and electrical wiring for homes.

Industrial Electricians

Industrial electricians typically fix motors, generators, and other electrical equipment in factories. They may also work as maintenance electricians to diagnose and locate the cause of a breakdown, correct the problem and restore services quickly. Electricians working in the industrial sector may also work as automation technicians to test, diagnose, service and program basic programmable logic controllers and other units inside factories or public utilities.

Commercial Electricians

Commercial electricians install and troubleshoot electrical devices commonly found in commercial buildings and complexes. They may also function as field service electricians who work out on calls to diagnose or install various electrical systems such as elevators.