SCIT College Building

Academic Advisement & Counseling

The Student Services Office assists students in understanding options and resources pertaining to any school or academic related concerns. We encourage any student who is unclear about school policies to first visit the Student Services Office during its regular operating hours. A few of the most common academic policy related topics include, but are not limited to the following.

  • Grades and GPA – Questions relating to exam dates, test scores, course grades, or current GPA
  • Course Schedules – Question relating to degree progress, next term schedules, and schedule changes
  • Leaves – Questions relating to taking time off from school and absences
  • Course Withdrawals – Questions relating to withdrawing from a course


The Student Services Office maintains an open door and privacy policy for all students requesting advisement pertaining to their personal lives. Students wishing to speak to a counselor can set an appointment through the Student Services Office. Should the student require experience beyond the counselors capabilities, the student may be referred to professional agencies in the local area.